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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 11 February 2005
Chaplains are real people who represent God in all facts of life. As it has been said, our greatest gift is presence. When we go into the jails and prisons, we take the presence of the Lord with us. It is not I, but Christ that lives within us, that give us, the power to say and do, what the Lord would want us to do. Our job is not to be Jesus, but to represent Him as the King and the Lord of all. We are all ambassador for Christ and what we say and do, affects those that are around us. 2 Cor. 5:20.
Psalm 102
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Thursday, 10 February 2005
Feb. 10-05 Here we are into another area of my life beginning to work the web and I trust the Lord that he will guide and lead us all into the Promised Land of His mercy and Grace. Life seems to be the same as it was in the beginning for we are all tempted just as Adam and Eve were tempted in the Garden of Eden. We see, but what do we see? We look at it long enough and want , or desire to be like God, having the ability to do our thing. The desire pushes us to take what ever we are looking at, because it is good. The next or fourth step is we give to someone else, for them to enjoy. If what we see is wrong, the very next thing we do is hid. We are ashamed and do not want to be caught in the act of hurting the Lord who created us to walk in the truth. Not my truth, His truth is the only truth that sets us free.
Restitution Center
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Wednesday, 09 February 2005
The question people ask is, “What do you do as a Chaplain?” I spend 35 hours a week dealing with the needs of residents, 3 hours in mandatory meetings and 3 hours counseling and Bible Study, 2 hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays preaching at the God Pod. Please pray that the Lord will use me as I minister to over 250 men and women incarcerated a week.
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