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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

Achieving Your Potential Part 8
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 25 February 2006

Achieving Your Potential Part 8

This week we were able to spend time with Ginnys (My wifeís) 2 Sisters, sister-in-law and two brother-in-laws at Terra Del Ray in the Oregon Coast. We stayed in her Brother and Sister in Laws home and were able to really relax and give some time preparing my heart for ministry. I am amazed at how God blesses us as a family and just want to continue to praise the Lord for the opportunities Heís given each of us to become better acquainted.

I certainly understand the need for others in my life and enjoy watching what the Lord is doing for those we personally know, as they grow in there potential. I understand every day just a little more Romans 3:10-18 (NKJV) There is none righteous, no, not one; 
11 There is none who understands; There is none who seeks after God.
12 They have all turned aside; They have together become unprofitable; There is none who does good, no, not one."
13 "Their throat is an open tomb; With their tongues they have practiced deceit";"The poison of asps is under their lips";
14 "Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness."
15 "Their feet are swift to shed blood;
16 Destruction and misery are in their ways;
17 And the way of peace they have not known."
18 "There is no fear of God before their eyes." 

I hear so often we are saved by grace and I say sure, but doesnít God love everyone? Yes. That is the reason we go into prisons and jails ministering to the people that are lost in societies of the world, to bring them the good news of Godís grace extended to them. He is saying, come unto me all you that are weary and heavy burdened, I will give you rest. I have to accept His grace, His mercy, or Iím not forgiven. Lord help me to understand every day, moment by moment, I need your leading for my life, if I am going to achieve my potential in you.

Achieving Your Potential Part 7
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 18 February 2006

Achieving Your Potential Part 7

What a week for the United States Vice President as he continues to accept his responsibility of shooting his friend Harry Wittington, pray for Dick Cheneyís family, that this self inflicted night mare will be able to make him a better man, husband, father and leader.

We just received word that 1800 people could have died in a mud slide in the Philippines, pray for the survivors that they will be able to achieve their potential though all this.

We never know what is going to happen next on the national scene and need to be prayed up, so we are ready for whatever in natural disasters.

Today we have virtual reality games and entertainment of all kinds and it puts you into the realm of the real, but itís only a helmet, or screen. Lord help me to understand that I have to have the helmet of salvation on, to see that you are the answer, for all that would war against my spirit within me.

Now Gideon is faced with putting together his army and he is in the natural and wants many on his side. But God had a different plan, He did not want people to think it was because of who they where, or are. Everyone that is fearful you can leave, 22,000 left and only 10,000 remained. The Lord said, still to many, bring them all down to the water, everyone that laps like a dog, let them set by themselves. 300 hundred lapped and the rest got on their knees and drank with their faces in the water.

Achieving Your Potential Part 6
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 11 February 2006


Part 6

Words+Pictures+Emotions =Comfort Zone

We all have a comfort zone based upon our experiences, as soon as we get out of your comfort zone something is going to not feel good. For example, you are wanted on the phone!

1. You hear the word emergency.

 2. Car Wreck a Picture.

 3. Fear of who is it a loved one?

Which brings an emotion, or feelings. Heaven or Hell which will it be?

Heaven-Hell Words-Paradise-torment ĖPicture. Joy unspeakable-weeping, gnashing of teeth-Emotions, or feeling.

Everything we do needs to be based upon who do you chose? God? or Satan? Now your imagination, I hope is working, because of the vividness of reality. So what is once recorded weíre stuck with? True or false? If you chose to make a change in yourself image, you use positive imagination to create a new sub-conscience picture of your self and this will bring about a change you desire, true or false? Can you see the reason man can become God in his own right? The strong can overcome bad habits and attitudes, but how about the weak? The poor?

Letís look at our self esteem and how important it is we learn to talk to ourselves positively. It reinforces good positive self imaging, so Iím letting God control my life by performing, for the King of Kings. That is reality, the world wants to see in Christians obedience as he did in the beginning.  Positive self talk stimulates either Positive, or Negative actions and behaviors, depending upon who your serving. Note the story that unfolds for us in Judges 1 after the death of Joshua, when the people asked "Who shall be first to go up for us against the Canaanites to fight against them?"
2 And the Lord said, "Judah shall go up. Indeed I have delivered the land into his hand." Judges 1:1-2 (NKJV) Note the word picture, 1. Judah shall go up. 2. I have delivered the land into his hand. How many times do we have to experience the hand of the Lord, before we can really trust the Lord? Note Judah wanted more assurance, so asked Simeon his brother to help in verse 3.


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