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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

What I know and Learned to be the Truth!  E-mail
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Saturday, 15 May 2021

What I know and learned to be the truth!
1.  Good behavior and attitude about who you are is important to good mental health.
2.  People need to be taught and trained to do what is right, living in a world controlled by wrong or evil in Satan’s ways. 
3.  We all need to know the truth to be free of anxieties that plague us all.
4.  We are living in a time when many seem to have all the answers to our crises, and life is getting more perplexed.
5.  To be informed prevents spread of diseases.
6.  Need to prepare of the worst.
7.  Social distancing is extreme-Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other device’s do not give personal connection, like face to face.
8.  All need to know Basic Skills to prevent suicide. Q-Question, P-persuade, R-reefer. Simple steps, be a keeper of the Gate, and a watcher on the wall, which are Biblical terms. These will help prevent Suicide.
9.  Over 63% use firearms, 4 1/5 at home and 85% are fatal.
10.       No safety plan is complete without securing weapons.
11.       Minutes matter.
12.       More die of mental physiatry’s problems.
13.       Be listening for clues of feeling and behaviors that are 
14.       Have a plan for good well-being.
15.       Stay connected to others.  
16.       Often times of simple connection of hope and social activities can lift one spiritual support for good positive behavior and attitudes!

Here we are still wanting God blessing for the Church in Harrah, WA.
Thank the Lord for the Harrah Assembly of God I attended growing up as my parents were charter members when the Church was formed on Barks Rd. in the 30’s. We grew up in a Christian home were my parents always appreciated the pastors. We never heard complaints, but knew what it was like praying for the needs of one another as we had prayer request from the attendees. It was the Church that was our life blood that gave us hope regardless of what we were going through in our bodies, souls and spirits, for God was the authority we wanted to guide us through this world of sin and shame.
Being saved at 12 years of age and full of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues as Acts 2: 4 was promised, I know who was leading me and convicting me of sins that displeased the Lord. The song we used to sing as Youth was We Are Christ Ambassadors: We are Christ’s Ambassadors; And our colors we must unfurl, We must wear a spotless robe, Clean and righteous before the world.
We must show we’re cleansed form sin; And that Jesus dwells within. Proving duly that we’re truly Christ Ambassadors.
We must show we’re cleansed form sin; And that Jesus dwells within. Proving duly that we’re truly Christ Ambassadors.
I knew I was not able to do what I wanted to do, but what did God want me to do. So I began to be an ambassador representing the Lord, in who I was and what I did. When convicted I repented to God and those I may have hurt and developed a love for people at a very young age. I can remember helping the Secretary of our Sunday School asking me to help collect the record books of attendee’s coming to class. Going into High School being elected to be the Freshman class as President, Sophomore class Vice President, Junior Class President and Senior Class Vice President. I was also Treasure of the FFA for three years. Helped 3 others with starting Young Life as a Freshman, which was a blessing to many of our students. 
Graduating in 1955 getting ready to go into the Navy’s recruiting office and a friend asking me if I would like his job at White Swan. I when to Morris Hitchcock and was hired the same day and worked with Him for 10 years then when my Father in Law needed help on the farm, He asked if I would help him out and he would help me start out farming on my own which we did for 13 years.
Here we were attending this Church working with-in the Sunday School as teachers of primaries, Junior boys and then youth and become Youth leader with 20 plus Youth, then Education leader with 13 teachers gave me the call into the Ministry. I was chosen as Jr Commerce President for 2 year and served on the White Swan School Board 4 years after which the three pastors ask if I would Lead in starting a Christian School with the other three Church. We selected a representative from the three Churches and one member at large from the Community that was a Christian from Harrah Brethren, Community and the Assembly of God in 1997. Then in 1980 to 1982 studying the Berean Courses and got my licenses to preach, as we accepted the Onalaska Assembly of God in 1982 resigning in 1985 and working for Green Hill a reformatory in Chehalis, Wa. for four years then going to California working with Hollygrove in Los Angles as a manager of a Group home in the San Fernando Valley for five Year and in Action for 5 years. We were License for 6 teenagers and saw 20 boys going through our program. During this time I became a Chaplain for the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department for four years. 
Then in 2000 we came back to Yakima and help care for Ginny’s mother who had dementia for 4 years. I at the time worked for the Yakima County Sherriff’s Department as a Chaplin for 8 years teaching mandatory life Skill Classes. 
We were told In May of 2008 the Harrah Assembly of God was going to be shut down and we were at the meeting when this was going to happen. I said to the Northwest District we would help the Church keep the doors open if at all possible and the next day Brother Detrick said I was chosen by the District to become the intern pastor which we did for one year and the District asked if we were going to continue and we said yes. 
We have done our best to make sure we prepared for ministry to our membership and the community at large for I was involved in the White Swan School District as a member of the Collation.
This car wreck that totaled our vehicle made us realize the need of making sure the Church remains strong in our fellowship. We feel blest, the Lord saw fit to keep us alive, sparring us from harm. The wreck, however, has given me/us a chance to reflect on our ministry. Thank the Lord for this event to help us realize that we need to begin the process of finding a replacement as we look to retire.
Ginny and I love the people of this community and are concerned with their welfare as well as for anyone associated with Harrah Assembly of God. We both desire for this body of believers to have a pastor and wife to continue shepherding this community’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.
This area is a certainly a mission’s field that we will always hold with affection in our heart. We will be praying for this community regardless of where we are. We did not know what we would be doing from time to time, but the Lord has always guided us in our ministry. Regardless of where we were or the things happening, He has always provided.
Just as I was broad sided April 9th at 1:16 pm and did not expect it at all, I did not expect to have to face the reality of having to transition into retirement so soon. We want you to know we are going to cooperate with the District and the Board of Harrah Assembly in making sure everything is done in such a way to bless all involved.
We are thankful to have been in the position these past 13 years and grateful the doors of Harrah Assembly of God did not close prior to our arrival.
We look forward to what is ahead for us and this body of believers. We will continue to pray for God’s leading in our lives and for the lives of all of you in this Church.

Copyright 2005 Jerral Campfield, All rights reserved.