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Hello my name is Jerral Campfield and this web site is dedicated to Moral Recognition Therapy using Biblical principles. Please come back often to join me in understanding Gods hands are outstretched still to forgive.

We need our Church Community
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 03 December 2021

We Need Our Church Community

Hebrew  10:19-25  was our devotion Wed the 1st of December and I said Honey I am going to develop a Message so we can Hold Fast Our Confession that has been a part of my life being raised in a Christian home, where we even played Church, singing hymensí and taking an offering and someone preaching. We went to Church Sunday Morning, Sunday night and Wed night and if we had a revival service we attended 2 or three weeks consecutively. We looked forward to Church, for it was a time of feasting upon the thing of the Lord, we wanted more of God. Everyone of us had a relationship with the Lord and shared it where ever we went. We always knew God was with us as we abode with Him. So we never forgot who we were, and when we did sin we asked the Lord to forgive us, and he did. Ellis, Lowell and our Sister Anna Lee where all married and we saw our families grow up with the same type of love for the Lord as we had. It was always great to spent time with my brothers and Sisters family, for God was always giving us showers of blessing. My Dads Family came to the USA in 1050 from England where the Canterburyís, a Religious group dictated to them. They wanted Freedom and came to the United States. So the Campfield Family has a history of being followers of the Lord. So here we are preaching the Gospel in Harrah and are so thankful, for what the Lord has in store for all of us here in the White Swan School District.  Letís look at Romans 10:19 to 31.
19 Therefore, brethren, having boldness[a] to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, 20 by a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, His flesh, 21 and having a High Priest over the house of God, 22 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Thank the Lord Heís provided all who call upon Him honor and the privilege to follow Him by choice. 1. We can come boldly into the Holy of Holies as we enter His Presence. The Lord gives us a liberty of Spirit to tell the good-news, Jesus saves as we abide in His Spirit! He gives us the assistance needed to prove our acceptance of His Righteousness. 2. He is our High Priest, over the House of the Lord His Church. He presides over His Church militant, as Ambassadors in the Kingdom of God, triumphant in heaven as on earth. We see fallen man canít dwell with God without a High Priest, for He is our mediator to reconcile us to bear good fruit. We need to enjoy one another by the blood of the Lamb, for He purchased us, to have free asses to Gods glory and grace. It was His blood sprinkled on our conscience chasing away slavish fear, giving us the assurance of Safety in His presence. 
Verse 20 shows 1. He is the only way truth and life, no other way. 2. It is a new way, no longer law, but now grace. Not of works lest we could boast, it is Godís love, mercy and grace. 3. It is a living way, a living Savior seated on the Right side of God. Here he lived among us, died and after three day rose to be with His Father God. Very much alive interceding for us. 4. He is Christ consecrated to us, through the Temple vail that was ripped from top to bottom, so we may see into Gods glory now. It is so good and precious to know the Lord in such a way, as He is personally by our side, as He promised to be. How does this all happen? By drawing near to God, as we do not want to keep a distance, but be like Enoch who walk with God and God took him. I trust you truly dependent upon the Lord to guide you through this world of confusion and turmoil of Lawlessness, so you do not fall, or even stumble. 
We need to have a new heart, that is full of assurance without lack of faith, as our faith is in God, who you want to please. This happens when we want our hearts sprinkled with the Blood of the Lamb, so we are pure and holy, sanctified by Gods Holy Spirit living in us as followers.  We need that washing of Gods pure water of baptism daily, moment by moment, which is the sanctifying, of the Holy Spirit of God given to us by Jesus who lives in us, keeping us holy and pure. Remember the Priest washed before going into the Temple where God Spirit was.


Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 19 November 2021

Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking
ďAsk, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Beggars keep asking for they are in want to survive. We need help and it is seen by the way we ask, we need support and help at all times. To want to seek until we find peace and security is very healthy for our mental attitude and behavior. We need to plead to God for healing in our bodies and in our Churches for Satan is prowling to destroy all morality to day. This promise is six fold. 1. God answer precept upon precept ask and it will be given. Not lent or sold but given. 2 Seek and youíre going to not laboring in vain. Just keep on knocking to find it open up to you.  It is repeated For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. The Lord wants us to never give up asking, for God grace to continue to minister to us. Now He will give us what we need, it is mine now what all His promises. 3. It is illustrated by how we as Parents want the best for our kids. Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent? 11 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! Bread here is wholesome as is fish, and God is not going to give us what is going to harm us in any way. Godís not wanting to disappoint us, but give us what is going to give us joy of the Lord. 
We are seeing abortion at an all time high for man is so full of pride, doing what they want, rather than what God wants, it is a shame that we do not want to accept and stop killing, but aborting at an all-time high. What a gift thatís being robbed by the enemy, and God wants to restore life we bring into the world. Only marriage to the Lord is going to bring about a healing in our society, to were life is protected and loved, so we can achieve our potential in our Salvation, God so freely gave to our world at the Cross.
12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. We must make righteousness our rule and be ruled by it. This is showing us to not judge others, but make sure we want Gods justice to rule in our lives. It is important we are honest in our prayers and accept Gods way, truth and life. That is not being prideful of what we can do or canít, for we are God children who want Gods best for our lives. This is doing to others what we would like done to us. That is Love for Gods nature and we see it daily all around us in His creation. Nature does not argue with God it is content for God supplies their needs.  When we accept Gods mercy, grace we accept and abide in His love, wanting all to experience Gods love. We must love in three ways. 1. We must put other people on the same level as ourselves. 2. This is a reason given to enforce this rule, this is the law and the prophets. 3. This is our business to become like Christ Ambassadors for Christ glory as we are on the narrow way.
13 ďEnter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 [c]Because narrow is the gate and [d]difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it. Notice the bad way of sin and the Good way of Righteousness. 2 ways; right and wrong, good and evil; Heaven and Hell. What a contrast, but so true, for Christians are on the way, not in the way of others, on the way to heavens glory. We are seeing today people love the broad way and they love the lusting for evil like never before. Look at the amount of men and women getting caught for inappropriate sexual relationships today. The internet is a giant that is getting bigger and bigger in showing pornography, that is preventing couples from Good marriages for noting satisfies our longing as couple, we seen it all and done it all. Lord help us to discipline our selves to keep pure and holy for Goodness sake. It is so easy to get caught up in the addictions of evil and the Bible tells us to flee youthful lust, so we can be saved from the destruction of death. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Lord help us to count the cost of the straight gate, for it is the way, truth and life of serious godliness into Gods, godliness out of the state of sin into a state of grace, by being born again. That is God giving a new heart and a new spirit. So now we are swimming upstream and that is a struggle today. That is putting off the old man and accepting being born again in the Blood of the Lord.
Yes, it is a narrow road we are on, not in heaven yet, but traveling through on Gods highway. Our bodies are now kept from corruption as God is mortifying us to be like Him, so we can go through much persecution. That is the reason the Church is the body that comes together to pray and encourage one another, so we can become empowered by the Spirit of God. Look what is going on today people are forsaking what God gave us for encouragement and people are being deceived like at no other time. Lord Help us to we do not forsake the dwelling together as some is today. We all need help and where does it come from?

Better and better not ever bitter!
Contributed by Jerral Campfield   
Friday, 12 November 2021

Matthew 7
New King James Version Chapter 7 continues and concludes Christís sermon on the mount that is practical and direct between God and mankind, to make us better and better in every way, when we follow the rules as is seen in verses 1 to 6. The we see the way we are to encourage one another in 7 to 11. Then we will see the need to be strict and disciplined in our conversation to one another, 12 to 14. Then we are cautioned to heed false prophets 15 to 20. Followed by the conclusion of the whole sermon, being obedient to the Lords commands, so we can be happy and blest. For we are to obey Christís doctrines given to all believers, so we are preserved and protected by the blood of the Lamb of God. God wants to save us from Satanís lies and deceptions.
Do Not Judge
ďJudge[a] not, that you be not judged. Here we are seeing Gods grace that is given to us to obeyFor with what [b]judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brotherís eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ĎLet me remove the speck from your eyeí; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brotherís eye. ďDo not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces. How do we treat the faults of others determines our relationship to God? We have judges that minister righteousness of the Lord and it seems like there is a break down in our Judges to day, for many themselves do not want Gods will to be done in justices for all. So, we are seeing lawlessness abound. Then we as Christians feel like we have that right of judging people to make sure justice reigns. This does not work for God needs to be restored in our Judicial System again to have goodwill and peace. 
Letís look at ourselves, we are not the law givers, God is in the judgement seat. It is so easy for use to pronounce Judgement based on our feelings and not the truth of we are all guilty of; sin. It is so easy for the natural man to be uncharitable, unmerciful and want revenge right now. We must see, we canít see the reasons, for it is Gods prerogative to try the heart, so we can step into His throne calling them hypocrites, reprobates and castaways that is stepping into Gods way. We need to counsel and help in any way we can and not judge him or her.
The more we judge others the more we are going to be judged ourselves by man. Everyone has a stone to throw. It was easy for man to criticize Haggar for having Ishmael for being a wild man with his hand against all men Genesis 16:12. Lord help us to show mercy to others reputation. For we are all going to appear before God and are going to be accountable to Him and Him alone. Lord help us to love others, so we can be forgiven of our wanting to control the situation. God forgives those that are in need of being forgiven, so we can continue to love the unlovely. The merciful will find mercy. It will be evident by our love for Gods will and ways.

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